Petition:Synth collector from Basel(CH) is looking for a new home for his synths with your help

I came across this sad news today and even surprised as there is a hidden treasure in the city that I am living and I even do not know about it :slight_smile:

Synth collector from Basel(CH) is looking for a new home for his synths with your help

Long story short; Mr. Klemens Trenkle who collected a lot of uniqe piece of synthesizers and other things overtime got a evacuation notice from his landlord. He has no funds to finance the place anymore or any other place to store them.

Now they started a petition and trying to collect 10’000 signature to build “SMEM Swiss Museum for electronic musical instruments”

Please help them supporting the petition

Oh, that sucks. :frowning:

I can’t believe that he has two T1s on the top parts of a keyboard rack! That is pretty brave; it is easily the heaviest keyboard I own.

I wonder if there would be enough local kind souls who would take a few in momentarily? No stings attached. I would help in a heartbeat, but I guess signing a petition will have to do…

Spreading the word to take attention to petition will help too

I did post the petition, and at least 2 others that I know signed it.

If it wouldn’t be detrimental to my financial stability, I would happily put this collection in a museum any where in the world. It is damn impressive.

Hook a few up to an external MIDI controller and let visitors interact with and hear the sounds of vintage synthesizers. Of course, most of the collection is impressive for completion sake and a few audio recordings that could be activated with a push button would suffice.

For all I know, this could be me in a few years, or sooner!

Synthorama in Luterbach (Switzerland) might be interested in acquiring the best bits of the collection?

It is clearly a nice collection but am I the only one thinking he’s overstretched himself & could perhaps make his rent by selling the odd piece or two?..Even actual museums sometimes have to sell stuff… perhaps the text makes it clear why not, I didn’t translate it. If he’s being kicked out for other reasons than rent then it makes a bit more sense.

Ah, I read the whole article, and it asks about the Luterbach museum. But hey, I’m sure that even Basel has secure self-storage units. He needs to sell a few synths to raise enough cash to store the entire collection in self-storage units for a year or two while they are properly assessed and catalogued and a rational plan formulated. But I am glad such people exist - the world needs hoarders and pack-rats, at least ones with an eye for the techno-culturally interesting artefacts, as he clearly does.

I found this related film quite charming.

Honestly, the point of the collection is how complete it is. The collection of wind controller synthesizers is very impressive. Selling something rare would be silly. However, if he did sell something it should be one of the pricey ones that are common. Like the Jupiter 8.
Be honest, would you sell a Jupiter 8?

Yups, instantly if it would help me keeping the rest of the Collection together. No regrets in selling a JP 8, easily replaceable.

@fcd72: I agree. Not an easy decision to make in the short term if you use it regularly though. Besides, he only has until the 30th to get the funds…