Petition for Rings Firmware upgrade: no "distortion"

Ive been using a lot Rings and researching Eurorack in general the last year.
It seems that a common problem among Rings users is that the unit “distorts” easily when Damping is at a moderate length. Also using polyphony tengs to make it distort even easily.
The module is great, but if this could be solved firmware-wise it would be a lot better.
If this could be done, also a “level compensation” maybe would be appreciated since Damping (and also Brightness) tend to raise the level significantly.

Thanks so much for consideration, I assume this is a common issue for most Rings users, since it pops up a lot in forums.

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Yes, “tend to”.

You can’t predict in advance what would be the effect of running a signal into 60 or so highly resonant filters. How the damping or brightness knob will alter the output level is completely dependent on the input material, there is no universal “level compensation” rule. It merely depends on how the harmonics of the input signal align with the resonant “teeth” of the filter.

I’m sure that many people would also complain if their input material dropped in amplitude as the Damping knob is turned (that’s a common complaint with some analog VCF).

I took a different approach with Beads (put a limiter on the output, rather than let people handle the difference in dynamics themselves), and it doesn’t make things universally better.


Not something I’ve ever considered an issue, it’s merely how Rings performs.


Thanks so much for the reply, and for everything you are doing for the communnity!
I did no clarify that im using Rings without any input, but as a stand alone voice, and maybe that is a more controlable scenario.
I´ll keep using it , fine tunning it and find its ways.

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Today i learned, that after i moved Rings to a different busboard (with more headroom probably from the other PSU3) all the distortions were gone. It became “scratchy” in EVERY sound it made, even the vanilla sounds when just patched with 1v/oct. Now Rings in its new place sounds as lovely as ever. (Which of course also freaks me out to know that i have places with bad power in my NEW rack grrrrr, even with two doepfer PSU3s :frowning: Am i drawing wrong conclusions perhaps? Is some other module interfering with Rings on the “bad” busboard, or is it power indeed?

My Rings sounds perfect with a PSU3

Were you nearing the amperage limit of the power supply it was previously connected to?