Peter Swimm Live At Blip 2011

Hey guys!


Posted a Deluxe version of a 2011 Live set. You can hear some 6 day old shurthi-1 cem action on track 5. Im using it much more now, but a good listen if you are into old Devo, Skinny Puppy or aggro chiptune noise.

If you like it, here are some download codes for the mutable forum!
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If you use one, say so here so others don’t try it! Enjoy!

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Great stuff by the the way! But I knew it before already, so I’ll leave the codes for the others :wink:

Thanks Flip! Also thanks everyone else for the tips!

i used c78w-7f55
thanks a lot!

great stuff, herrprof!

It’s been a year and I still don’t even know what to say about this set. I wish I could see Peter Swimm live at least once a week.

finally I found the time to give this live a good listen, and I must say “hell yeah! this is some sick stuff!”. I’m actually quite into old-school industrial, ebm and more nasty electronic music genres (though I tend to have a problem with the more recent incarnations of these).
I have a theory about chiptune music, that it sounds a lot better when recorded live (kind of the opposite from other musical genres), because it takes away the rigidness and coldness of digital waves and gives it some live and movement due to the reverbs and noises coming from the venue.
Anyway, thanks a lot for the download, I used 4aq2-yplh
I’ll listen to it some more now.

Yea Ive been listening to lots of early ebm and minimal wave type stuff, and feel like chip is capable of lots of that older type material. Its sad to see the clown/vinylfest that ebm and industrial is nowadays.

I concur about chip sounding awesome on a huge system in a big room… although when i recording stuff I prefer to keep the chipstuff dry and reverb the other direct instruments … its pretty cool how good it can sound with the other sounds layered in the right way

Thanks for the kudos! More is on the way!

yeah, and musically speaking it kind of drifted too much into the techno-trance corner for my taste. Sometimes it’s like with movies, people tend to create better works when they have little to work with, and that was the case for the initial wave bands. They only had a few, often monophonic, synths, that were hard to keep in tune.

I admit that I did know only little about your musical work… must listen to some recorded stuff, to hear what you mean with the reverb vs. dry thing.

im still working those examples into my releases… stay tuned!

excellent! Thanks!