Peter Forrest's A to Z of Analogue Synthesizers


Does anybody have these books ? How are they ?

I am looking for them but they are out of print and I even could not find as secon hand.

Yup, have both. Basically they’re a listing of vintage synths, a short text by Peter Forrest (Vemia) and estimated value and other facts. Still, they’re a nice little read as the author clearly knows what he’s talking about - some people on-line will just present opinions as fact.

I wish I could find them :frowning:

Peter posts regularly on the Analogue Heaven mailing list, you could try contacting him there. I have my copies of the books from about 15+ years ago…

While you are looking for them: keep in mind that there are (at least?) two editions. I have the original from the 90s, but there was a second edition in the early 2000s. You might want to get the 2nd edition (it has a badge saying “revised” on the front cover) because this has (as I’m told) 100+ new pages.

I still like the Xerox look of the original edition. It provided lots of useful information way before the internet came along.

You guys should all email Peter asking him to release this as a downloadable $10 PDF ebook. He’ll make some money; you’ll all be happy. :wink:

Good idea.

Sounds like a plan. How can we reach him?

Try the contact form at Vemia -

@dnigrin 's tip did the trick. I subscribed the list, posted my query about the books and Peter replied. He has revised copies of both which I bought from him and they are on the post now yeayyy :slight_smile:

@jojjelito Thanks for your nice offer. My offer is still stand :slight_smile:

Looking for these books, too. Does Peter sell some used ones or as ebook?

@waldshrut According to his statements; he has a lot of M-Zs mint condition and some A-Ms but they are not perfect (usually with some damage to the colour pic pages)

Finally they arrived to their new home today :slight_smile:

Thanks @dnigrin for suggestion

Glad you were able to connect with Peter and that you got the books!

I know its been almost 8 years hah:) but was wondering if there is still anyway to acquire one of those books preferably the part 2 but Im not trying to be picky here:)

In most towns, there is a public library. They can order more or less every book. It may take a few weeks, it may cost you a Euro or two. Just try it.

This is the way how we got our knowledge in the centuries before the Internet… : - )

Try Analog Heaven maillist as Peter Forest is active user there and he is quite helpful