Performance page

In order to get into the performance page you have to assign at least one parameter to a knob then you can see the other three default assigned parameters. it would be great if 3 of the 4 parameters could be saved as part of the patch and the last one has to always be assigned, to get into the page. Or just save all 4 as part of the patch, but one has to be re-assigned to get into the page.

Could this be done?

You don’t need to assign a parameter to enter the performance page, you can do it by a long press on the oscillators page button. Unfortunately, there’s no space in eeprom to save anything.

I missed that long press on the osc page command, thanks. No more space,…oh well. Will shruthi have the space for it?

There are two things to consider:

  • Available space on eeprom. On this front, the Shruthi can do it, because it uses an additional eeprom chip for patch and sequence storage. So I can tolerate storing more information per patch. Moving from 100 presets to 80 slots is not as dramatic as moving from 20 to 16…
  • Patch format - once I have decided what is saved with a patch it’s hard to add new parameters (well, I can always plan in advance a bunch of extra bytes in the format to be filled later, but it still sets a limit and some space is wasted for blank data that might never get filled eventually ; and I don’t want to play the “mini FS on eeprom” game).

At the moment, the performance assignment information is not stored in the patch, but the patch format is not frozen yet, so I can add it. I have 0 patches programmed on the Shruthi, so I won’t have to back-convert anything if the format changes now. It’s a good time to make this change indeed…

Would there be a way to possibly asign limits to the performance pages parameters some how? Like the high or low values for individual performance page knobs. For example when touching a knob for assignment there might be a temporary page that flashs to allow for such assignments. If left untouched it could return to the performance page; the same way the page “zooms” it to show more detail when the parameters change while adjusting them.
No sweat though.

now that this parameter zoom being mentioned i’d like to express my discomfort with how it works. can it be discriminated or left out so you can see the other parameters instead? when i think about it it would also be ok if it returns more quickly to the whole page.


The “zoom” page is even more useful because there are more parameters and options, so the 3 letters short name is not always obvious. But it stays on screen for a shorter amount of time, except when you edit things with the encoder button (the inc/dec is now an encoder that can be pressed).


There’s one thing on my TODO list, but I want the firmware to be stable first: an online firmware patching/configuration file, for all the things you might want to set and that I have no room to put in a “settings” page. The idea would be to have a bunch of options/configuration/settings that are directly patched into the firmware. Things that I thought about putting there:

  • Splash screen text
  • Default values of the “init” patch
  • “Zoom” page delay (I actually thought about that!)
  • Content of the wavetable for the “drone” oscillator
  • Arpeggiator patterns

You would select all this on a web form and get to download a .mid file with a custom firmware. I know how I’ll do it, I just want to do something else at the moment than messing with app engine…

Wow! that online firmware config sounds awesome! Since there is no room for parameter assignments to be part of the shruti-1 patch saving, could the default performance page assignments be part of the firmware config?

Drone osc wavetable customization is going to be an epic update, a whole world sounds opens up with that option.

Yes, the default assignments could absolutely by configured by this custom firmware tool. Along with all the settings. For example, I find myself always transposing the keyboard to -1 or -2 octaves when I start the Shruti…

For the wavetable customization… First it’ll be only one among a predefined set of tables (those I have programmed for the Shruthi-1 - examples here). I was thinking of an “upload a .wav sample and get a wavetable” thing, but man, this is not an easy problem. I’ve spent every night this week getting something like this to work - so I could just pick sounds I like and turn them magically into wavetables - and I can’t do it perfectly without having to hand-tune a few obscure parameters.

To be honest it’s low on my priority list - but I don’t see it as a chore… Just something very fun and nerdy to do!

I’ve been using the same 3 performance page assignments with most of the patches I play with lately so just being able to change the defaults to the ones I use the most will be good for shruti-1. For shruthi I still think it would be cool to save them as part of the patch especially if it would only sacrifice 20 of 100 potential patch saves. I’d take 80 with over 100 without.

picking from a predifined set at first is cool, especially if they sound as good as those examples. So yeah stick to your list so shruthi can come out and play soon. The magic wavetable program could be something to look forward to.

+100 for the wavetable content changeability!

And in general the online firmware config would be great…