Perfect modules to match Warps


I have several other analogue modules but I want to start a entire MI eurorack row. Firstly will go for Warps then I need to add several other processors to patch them with the rest. So , what do you think about , Marbles, Plaits ? In addition I’d not rather go with the MI filter because the last addition to the eurorack would surely be MI Elements and further on, I still have now 3 filters.

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Maybe Tides if you want to combine it with Warps to make a complex oscillator.


Agreed, tides and warps make a really lovely complex oscillator, i use them in that configuration a lot.
Imho, however, warps is a module that warrants exploration in unorthodox directions.
The vocoders for example can go into resonatorish territory when used with material other than voices and the ring mods are secretly awesome overdrives.

I agree warps and tides as a complex oscillator is amazing, but just wanted to shout out for Shelves - I know you didnt want a filter (but I’m assuming you mean Ripples). IMO Shelves it’s one of the most underrated MI modules - it’s just an awesome filter and so so useful…

Ok. I got it! Tides next but anything to do good with Clouds ?

The “Tides” in question here is the new model, right? Would it be possible to build a complex Oscillator with the older Tides and Warps? Thanks

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Sure. The main idea is, a modulation oscillator into a carrier, through a VCA.

Warps is a good carrier since it does TZFM (or phase modulation? Either way) and also wavefolding, at the same time.

Tides (either version) is a good modulator since… it’s a good oscillator overall, and also has the built-in level control that you can modulate, which works dynamically with TZFM. And you can use them together in many other ways beyond the Buchla 259 style “complex oscillator” configuration.

With the new version and a mixer, you could feed multiple Tides outputs into Warps as a wavefolder for some interesting FM-like effects.

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Hi thanks for the response. I was wondering more how it would be possible to create an oscillator with cross modulation. Warps outputs the pure oscillator output beside the main output, but the old Tides does not, right?

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The aux output of warps will only be the internal oscillator when you are using the internal oscillator. If you are using two outside sources is is the sum of the carrier and modulator, post VCA. Even so, it is exactly like Tides Mk 1 in that if you modulate it you will hear the modulations of the internal oscillator.