Pentabraids (DIY)

My DIY modular was finished after 8 years of tinkering - and somehow I had avoided any digital oscillators.

I totally fell for Braids and thought it would be a blast to build… five of them lol I had some rack rails lying around and made a little skiff.

On the right side is a 5-channel mixer/panner. All the audio outs are normalled to the mixer and bypassed when a jack is plugged into the out. The output jack is stereo and the 5 pots pan from left to right. When a mono jack is plugged in, the left gets sent to ground, turning the panner into a simple mixer.

One million thanks to Olivier for these amazing designs and the bravery, foresight and brilliance to make his work open source.

Absolutely crazy. In a good way :slight_smile:

This scares me ! Awesome…



It looks so nice!

I spy an MBCV2 panel there…

This is amazing. I have to admit, Black modules look so good. :wink:

Soo ninja! Amazing!

So that’s what you’d call a Burau, then? Hey, what firmware will your Pentabraids be running, do you think?

and what’s that big sequencer like thing front panel on the acryl cut carton?

Thanks everybody!

@BennelongBicyclist: Bees-in-Tress all the way for this flock of Braids :smiley:

(When I finish figuring out how to add midi, I’ll have to remove a couple of oscillator models to make it all fit)

@shiftr: it’s a MIDIbox CV2

The CV2 can handle two different types of LCDs on one core?

Yup. It’s a bit special. Some other stuff that’s in the MB-NG won’t fit because of those special adaptations. I think TK mentioned something about this on the MB forum.

Very nice! Now go outside and stare at things far away to get your eyes back to normal (well, thats what I do after SMD!)

I love the black too. Always wondered what that matt finish would look like.


Was wondering why 5? Why not 4 or 6 or 12 for that matter

5 fits almost perfectly in 84HP… and, well, Prophet 5. Enough said :smiley:

…and PCBs from Seeed come in multiples of five, and a Decabraids would have been really over the top.