Peaks With CV!

I may be late to the party on this one, but has anyone seen this Peaks remake, with CV control?

He’s also published the files so it can be DIYed. Wonder if anyone is organising a group-buy of the PCB and panel on Muffs…


To me it looks a little half-baked.
Once peaks is in its expert mode, the whole CV control becomes useless. It’s as if they just added a little opamp adder to the potentiometers to get CV inputs and made a new board layout. There is little improvement overall, IMO.

I would have preferred a version that is in expert mode always and has 8 dedicated pots + trimmers for the CV attenuverters. Or maybe 8 pots and onlY CV for one of the two channels.

Good points. I think having 4 dedicated knobs for each channel is a big improvement, though.


would be a big improvement, because this is not the case here. The 4 knobs on the left are attenuators for the CV inputs. After all, this thing works with the stock firmware!

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Oh, ok. Definitely not as interesting as I first thought, in that case.

It would be nice to see a version of Peaks with 4 dedicated pots for each channel. CV control for each would be nice, but just the dedicated knobs would be cool, I think.

If it operated in Expert mode all the time, you could simplify the firmware too, and make space for extra cool functions/options.


fwiw ive heard some dicey stories about blue lantern build quality and business practices so caveat emptor.

They seem to have quite a range of modules. I’ve never been a fan of their control layouts (too tight), or panel graphics (too busy), I have to say.


I almost feel obligated to make an 8 pot, always expert mode CV-able peaks… It would have to be called Twin Peaks, obviously.

This is coming from someone with no eurorack gear. It just sounds like a fun project.


There’s already a “Twin Peak Resonator” module by Klangbau Köln and “TwinPeak” module by Epoch Modular. So while no one seems to have actually made a “Twin Peaks” module, it could still be a fairly confusing name.

Do it anyway I say. I want one!


Just get David Lynch to endorse it and we’re good to go. I wonder what a David Lynch Modular would look like.

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I have one and enjoy it a lot. The comments about expert mode are of course true but overall it does what I want. Proper CV control would break compatibility with the peaks firmware, dead man’s catch, etc. so it is a good tradeoff for me.