Peaks V2

Hello everyone.
I’ve seen many videos and tried few times Peaks and it is really a great module. I was wondering if there is an idea of creating a Peaks V2 in the near future.

Peaks was designed at the end of 2012 with a very ugly purpose in mind: fill a gap (physically and functionally) in a tentative Mutable Instruments 104-HP system. It does several unrelated things with a confusing UI.

Instead of Peaks v2, you should consider Stages, which has a more unified and flexible approach to modulations. As for the drum synthesis features of the original Peaks, they have been refined and made CV-controllable in Plaits.


Yes, I’m already using Plaits for drums, but what was really great of Peaks was the double trigger and double output in a single module. I’m not really sure how I would recreate it on Plaits.

Well I for one celebrate Peak’s wonderful unrelated functions ;).

If you ever decide to have another relaxing module release, please consider a new Peaks with even more unrelated functions. Consider it a challenge to make them as far apart as possible. Would be fun for me at least. You’d make some random dude across the Earth pretty happy.



Module releases are never relaxing.


LOL. Pure schadenfreude.

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Hey come on now. No need to resort to thirteen letter words ;). Just a bit facetious maybe. I take no pleasure in other people’s pain.

It’s easy to recreate on Plaits (with the caveat that you can’t have two different drum sounds playing at the same time): just use the model change cv