Peaks trigger button falls out


I have an issue with one of my peaks modules: 1 trigger button got loose, and if i pay not attention it flies out of the module.
I was lucky this happened until now only at home. I’m afraid to lose it during transport or at a venue.
I had a look and the transparent plastic going over the base of the button broke of on one side.

Are these easy to source, or is it possible to get a couple from MI?
I’ll pay for them as i do not think this is a warranty case. I had some hard session once with the Tab LFO. (Using now external trigger)
I just want to avoid ordering somewhere just for a couple button caps. (I do not DIY, so have nothing else to make an order worth the shipping


Send me a private message with your address and I’ll ship a new cap.

Great! :slight_smile:
I’ll get in touch with you.