Peaks: Trigger at audio rate

Triggering Peaks at audio rate works well. Feeding for instance a drum loop in the tap LFO results in wogglebug type of bleeps. Feeding a more regular VCO in the tap LFO will give you a cool sounding slave VCO. There will be some PLL type glitches, but it sounds great. The other functions are great for adding distortion, and the drums do trigger at audio rate also.

Have fun


Piggy backing off this, try sending it more complex signals and see what happens. I’ve been playing around recently with this idea and the new revision of tides’ clock input. Sometimes it will link on to a complex signal and sometimes it will go into crazy glitchy territory. It’s been fun controlling that behavior as a sort of chaotic and glitchy pitch sequencing kind of thing.

Yep, that’s how the PLO mode in Dead Man’s Catch works — search for PLO in


Another, self-patched example: