Peaks synchronization

I just discovered Peaks. Yeah, I’ve been a fan of Mutable Instruments for some time but it just hadn’t made it on my radar. Then suddenly, I needed just the same gaps filled that Peaks was designed for, an extra ADSR or LFO pair. Or at least, I hope it will…

Here’s what I’m wondering-- how exactly does the Tap synchronization work-- can you synchronize at 2x or 4x frequency? That is, say the trigger in is at 100hz, can you adjust the frequency for 25 or 50 hz and have it synchronized to the incoming 100hz? Or vice versa-- 25hz in to synchronize a 50 or 100 hz output? Or does the “synchronization” completely override the frequency setting of the LFO?

And will it free-run in Tap mode if there’s no input trigger, so frequency is fully adjustable by the frequency knob?

None of those things you describe are possible. It’s fairly easy to see by looking at the manual: when the module is in the “TAP LFO” mode, there is no knob controlling frequency or division ratio.

It doesn’t free-run, and there is no frequency knob!

Copy of the manual here:

Screenshot 2022-04-03 at 11.00.15

The behavior you describe is what is implemented in Marbles, Stages, Tides or even Beads – the same knob acts as a divider when a clock is present, and as free-running frequency control when no clock is present. This is possible because the module can detect whether the clock input is patched or not - something I didn’t know how to do when Peaks was developed.