Peaks/Shades available in limited quantity


To be explored: Peaks has a bank of 4 alternate functions (long press on the “Function” switch to switch to this bank). And a very inspiring easter egg mode.

That’s a joke, or? I asked you two days ago… :smiley: Can’t wait to play with Peaks :slight_smile:

In the Shades description you are mentioning: “making it usable for transposing pitch CVs too” How can I transpose with it?

“And a very inspiring easter egg mode.”

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, this is exciting.

:slight_smile: I love your easter eggs

I’m going on another hunt. Hopefully i know what it is once it’s found !

@pichenettes is it correct that Peaks is already out of stock? I definitely want one if possible!

I actually could really use shades too but I’ll have to wait until Monday if they’re still around

@flocked all transposing is is adding or removing voltage, attenuating or adding offset can do that.

> How can I transpose with it?

Send your pitch CV into channel 1 input. Set the gain to the maximum. Use channel 2 with no input to select the offset (transposition). Take the signal at the output of channel 2. Since no jack is plugged into channel 1 output, it’ll be summed with channel 2, so on channel 2 output, you’ll get the pitch CV + the offset. Because Shades uses 0.1% resistors, you won’t get a very big error (loss of tracking) between the input and the output.

Ah, awesome! Argh, makes me think about two shades. One for mixing and one for offset stuff.