Peaks sequencer sticks on dual trigger input

Hi guys,

I seem to possibly have a problem with my peaks module.

If I run in split mode and have 1 assigned to the 4 step sequence and 2 assigned to an envelope, if I have a trigger in each input, the sequencer stops advancing on the trigger.

The only option is to pull trigger 2’s input and run it as an lfo as anything going in to it will halt the sequence on 1.

Are the inputs normally together? Or could this be a firmware issue? It only seems to be the sequence that causes this result. Which is a little annoying as it means running 2 independent sequences of 4 steps won’t happen.


The inputs are not linked together, and this is not a firmware issue.

The 4-step sequencer, when running on channel 1, takes control of the two trigger inputs: 1 is used for clocking, 2 for reset. That’s why strange things happen when you try to use the second trigger input.

So run the 4-step sequencer on the second channel if you want to have channel 1 available for something else (envelope, LFO, drums).

But no 4-step sequences at the same time…


Sorry. Stupid Question Steve is in the house again :slight_smile:

No question is silly Steven :slight_smile: