Peaks problem

One of my peaks seems to have frozen. All three LEDS blinking at about 4Hz, controls inoperative. Holding down mode or split buttons does nothing. Looks like it’s stuck in firmware update mode. Would try an update but can’t find the .wav file. Any ideas?

Probably one of the two illuminated pushbuttons being stuck.

Don’t seem to be. It’s out of the rack and both buttons look to be working OK.

Strange… Try to get an exchange from the place from which you bought it.

Weird. Plugged it into a different rack and it sorted itself. Back in the original rack and it’s now behaving. Couldn’t be a misplugging issue because I tried using the power cable from my other Peaks and the fault was still there. There’s a Volts on the bus to power Braids but that shouldn’t matter I’d have thought. It has happened before and a power cycle was all that was needed. Must put a scope to the power bus.