Peaks problem, split mode dont works

hi, nice to have a forum like this <3 im a little new in the modular world. I buy a braids and a peaks. excelent partnerts. but the split mode of the peaaks isnt working. y dont know why. the first week was all okey and then dont work more. maybe y touch something… THANKS A LOT THE HELP.

What happens when you press the button? Does anything change at all? Is the LED lighting up?

hi, nothing happens, nothing of ligth also no efect. y think its not working more. maybe hapen to someone else that why y post here

Does the button click? The switch is probably dead. You should contact me on the Mutable Instruments website to return the module.

It’s not a clone right?

yes click. Forsure is a original peaks.I buy it from a friend that he buy 3 years ago y dont buy it now, also im in argentina is a long way to your studio. y will send here to the best modular enginer and he will see the modular. is really strange this but y will fixe :confused: