Peaks - output swing of LFOs, envs?

Salve, shruthizens

Forgive me if this is posted somewhere, but what is the voltage swing of the LFO waveforms with Peaks? /- 5V ,/-10V ? Are the envelopes 0-5V or 0-10V? ( I’m addicted to my MakeNoise Function now, for those punchy-in-voltage envelopes, that really whack filters from -inf to +10V ).

Thanks, minphase

Maximum output swing is +/- 8V.

The range is 0 … 8V for envelopes ; or 8V … 8V forLFOs (maybe I should make it/ 5V to be consistent with Tides?)

Not sure if that was decision for /-8V LFOs or/- 5V LFOs. If there’s still uncertainty, may I suggest that it’s always easier to destroy than to create. I mean, easier to attenuate, rather than boost :wink:

Good to hear about +8V for envelopes, rather than +5. It’s funny, with the Function, you can feed it a sharp signal into the gate input and get an ~7V peak, or use the trigger input and get a +10. You wouldn’t think it would make much difference, but the +10 envelope really thwacks filters well. Doesn’t sound overdriven, but it might be some kind of distortion phenomenon in the filter input. Same durations, attack times. Looks same in scope, just different peak level. Filters like 2600 clone, EMS, JP8 clone, 3320.

But no one could really complain about +/- 5V LFOs. That’s standard. I suppose I’d like 10 envs,/-5 LFOs in ideal world, will be happy with loudest env you can give.