Peaks mention: Matthew Dear & Carl Craig in discussion

Nice discussion. Check 5:40 in for a mention of Peaks

conclusion: we all love peaks!
thanks for the link, interesting conversation!

Cool! Am a big Matthew Dear fan. Looking forward to watching this, when I get home.


“its the sound of electricity/digital sounds flat” in the context of praising peaks.


well, perhaps the stm32 is just there for ornamentation - that is, unless olivier’s been holding out on the news of the release of “peaks: superstar dj edition” (spoiler, it’s all analog, sports an enclosure the size of a mailbox, and costs 3k)

(on Peaks) “…it’s real analog circuitry…”, um, OK.

the placebo effect is real

If you look one level down, digital is analog.
If you look one level down, analog is digital.

ARM sounds more analogue than Intel, smaller instructions :slight_smile:

Yeah that analog vs. digital discussion, so much fun! :slight_smile:

According to Quantum Physics, electrons are sometimes particles - then we have digital electronics, and sometimes electrons are waves - then everything is analog. Moog definitely used wave electrons…

I dont think knowing the difference is a prerequisite for being a musician

@altitude: you’re totally right about that. Actually it’s something musicians think too much about.

anyway… even if Matthew Dear got it wrong with Peaks being totally analogue, the fact that he mistook it for being that (assuming Mr.Dear is considering analogue to be the superior technology for kick drums), totally speaks for the module.

I was more thinking of how well the kick works on crowds and then perhaps their respective approaches to music and life. Matthew Dear is just starting out with modular on his kitchen table, give the guy a break :stuck_out_tongue:

C2 might very well know enough about Peaks to not correct him?

There’s some type of DA conversion adding to the flavour perhaps? People love their MPCs too for no particular reason, just that “there’s some type of compression happening”.

I’ve known quite a few people who loved their mpc’s but never for no particular reason :slight_smile:
Not a bad discussion tho … liked the bit about frequencies.

Listened to it from beginning to end while drawing some patterns. Pretty interesting interview with some interesting points.

agreed - i found them thoughtful guys - still couldn’t help poking fun at them for a moment though :wink:

I really liked the part about the cookie dough and the chocolate chips.

Some analog purists still have a problem with string machines: “analog or not?”

They are sorta closer to the home organ market. But then GEM did some synths.