Peaks expander?

Will it be released? It would be practical to have cv over the four knobs right?

Well, the original thread discussing an expander module quickly got a bit out of hand, with people suggesting both more features and a lower price. I hope that all the noise has not discouraged Olivier from pursuing his original idea.

Here’s a quote from Olivier in that thread that touches your question, although it’s not made explicit if the comment is just about a DIY version, or if it’s about the expander in general. I think it’s the latter:

Given that the target population is mostly outside of DIY circles, I don’t think there’s much value in producing a DIY kit and then restarting the development effort from scratch again as an assembled product. I’ll think about this in 2015.

I won’t produce a DIY expander.

As for an assembled version, I might give it a try, later.

Please do, I’ll take two.

I’ll take 2 too!

2 4 u 2?

2 4 me 2 & 2 4 u 2

Id take a produced expander. I can see one for peaks fo sho - being able to double some of he functions to be used at once instead of buying 2 (itll happen anyway probably)

A 2hp Peaks expander would be so perfect


Won’t happen guys, sorry!