Peaks clone cannot be calibrated

Hey i know its already one year late but i got a peaks version from jakk plugg (couldnt get a normal one) and if i follow the instructions to enter the calibration mode i enter the firmware update mode (or however its called). So i tried installing the newest firmware but still i cant enter calibration mode.
do i need a stlink for the ccs from githup? i cant programm or anything i just wanna solve my problems with the envelopes on my peaks that are not closing startet just using them for filters instead of vcas so u want hear it that much.

thanks in advance for any suggestions

It looks like your module has been flashed with the wrong version of the bootloader, so the button combo normally used to enter the calibration mode is causing the module to enter firmware update mode.

Upgrading the firmware won’t do anything, the issue is with the bootloader (the code that performs the update itself).

Why doesn’t jakk-plug fix that? It’s fairly incompetent from them to sell you a module that doesn’t have proper bootloader/firmware installed on it, and that is not calibrated.

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