Peaks (and Braids) Discontinued?


You mean it’s not likely to be a single module that does all those things. Like Peaks.

But, we might get an ultra-flexible LFO module, an enveloper-generator with a twist or two, and a digital percussion module that goes way beyond 808 kick/snare modelling, as discrete modules.

Sounds good to me. Expensive, but good :wink:



Or, the definitive Eurorack numbers station module.



Anything new will be evaluated against what else is around now too. But oscillators like those in Braids can be more distinctive than envelopes, LFOs.


Braids is essential for me in my 3U set-up, and I think it brings a lot of versatility in a small system. That said, I’m excited to see what MI will put out next! My only note that as a red=green colorblind person please try to avoid using those LED colors as indicators in any new modules…It’s my only complaint with the lovely Tides.
Super excited to see what the new modules will be!


Yeah, that is indeed a point to be aware of. This needs some thinking.


With full RGB, rather than bi-colour LEDs, any colours could be chosen to indicate operation mode in future modules.



Best using shapes as well as colours. See the Playstation controller buttons :slight_smile:


Just curious, was the new take officially Stages?




And Marbles incorporates the smoothed random LFO from Peaks.

I wonder if anything else mined from (or inspired by) the Peaks firmware will appear in an upcoming module.

The tap-tempo LFO feature was pretty handy, so maybe a relatively simple multi-waveform tempo-synchable LFO would be good (though I guess there are quite a few other products on the market that do that job pretty well- ie Pamela’s New Workout).

I still think a dedicated drum/percussion-synthesis module would be really cool, but I suspect that the percussion modes of Plaits are as close as we’re going to get to that (and I’m not knocking them, by any means). Unless @pichenettes comes up with some completely novel drum-generation algorithm complex enough to merit a dedicated module, of course.


Stages does tempo-synced LFOs, and covers different waveforms and so does Tides.


I’m rocking Elements and Plaits for drums, and they cover alot.


also, you can still use Peaks


Or any of the proliferating number of well-regarded percussion modules (eg Noise engineering, Jomox, even 2HP).


All true.