PDF version of the reference manual

Wasn’t there a pdf version of the reference manual available? Maybe an older version, as the manual was updated?


@pmsr I can email you a PDF version if you like. I just printed the webpage to a PDF yesterday, as it happens. It’s not perfectly formatted, but it’s reasonably readable. Whisper me your email address and I’ll mail one off to you.



There is this file, but not up to date!

@toneburst, thanks for the offer. I did just that - printed it to PDF, with none other than Cutepdf Writer. But remember the existing PDF file, and that it was properly formatted and with a nice index (table des matières, as it stood). :slight_smile:


Ah, yes, I was going to ask pichenettes about making a PDF yesterday, actually, but tried printing the web page to a PDF (you can do that with no extra software in OS X), and it looked OK, so I decided not to ask, afterall.

A nicely formatted PDF version would be nice, but I realise it’s just another thing to have to update every time the software changes, and I’m probably one of a minority of users wanting to print out the manual.


Is it up on github? Maybe someone can cronjob pdf creation whenever new docs are checked in?

Automatically generated version

It’s quite a hack to get there - the main challenge is to retrieve the raw textile document from the site, rather than the rendered HTML.

Looks great… a quick scan revealed no major formatting problems!

very nice :slight_smile:

Hello/bonjour !

Here is a PDF version of the manual for Shruthi-1
I needed it so I fought to get something almost decent…

Merci! This is going to be useful!


Thank you :slight_smile: