Hi guys,
I’m working on a shruthi case with front panel express. Of course, I’d like to put the Logo on it. The FPE software is asking for .PLT when you want to import graphics in your design. How do you convert PDF to .PLT?

Go through there guide on how to do it, there is a lot to it. I use corel draw since it has plt as an export function

Just asking, since you did a lot of cases. Wouldn’t it be easy for you to post the logos in PLT format? :slight_smile:

which logo do you need?

The woman logo and the kind of paisley in the front of the standard Shruthi case

I have the girl as an outline and I have a full engraved one as well. I dont have the paisley but thats a line drawing anyway so it would be easy

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Nice, how do I get the full engraved girl?
You have a discount code? I haven’t ordered yet.
Thanks sir

hmm. inkscape is supposed to be able to export plt
… but it crashes with some python error, when i try. sorry

Inkscape is garbage, i cant stand it. Find an old version of Corel Draw

FPE codes are UCLVBZ8J or A4IZBVI5

Second that. But don’t confuse Corel with at DTP thingie - its made for technical drawings, no matter what Corels Marketing tries to sell you.

Is it possible for you to post the girl Logo in .PTL.
It would be nice, I’m going to become crazy with those file extensions.

stay tuned, ill get them up shortly

Any news Altitude?

Ok, went over my files and if you want to do the solid engraved face (instead of outine), its insanely complex and will run you $28. Here are the plts for the outlines and the girl . The solid engraving only works for a 25x25mm import of the girl and a 0.2mm engraving tool. You MUST import it at 20%. You ALWAYS have think in real world terms with this stuff so if something is drawn for 25x25 with a 0.2mm tool, thats it, you CANNOT SCALE IT like in a gfx program. The tool size remains the same and if you scale it up, it will not overlap and you will have gaps in the engraving. I cant stress enough for ppl to read this document until it makes perfect sense to you

Many Thanks Altitude.
This will help me a lot

forgot to mention, the outlined stuff you CAN scale, it makes no difference since its one path and the bigger you make it the larger the cutter you can use

good info here, thanks for the links.
and fcd72, what version of corel are you talking about? i got PSPX2

11 - ancient but makes the nicest files for LaserCutting