PCBGrip - Modular Helping Hand

This was kickstarter project; now it becomes real commercial product.

I must say it is not cheap but It might be helpful some of us here.

Here is the website

Yes, a bit expensive but looks to be rather useful. For me, one problem with all these types of holder stands for hand SMD soldering is that I tend to do one passive component value at a time, which means soldering one side of just one or two or three parts, then flipping the PCB around to solder the other side of the component. These holder stands make it very cumbersome and slow to flip the board around for that.

I find it very important to have the board low so that I can place my wrist on the table and conveniently hold the iron. I can’t imagine to solder something with the board 15cm above the table.
Those holders always look like they are far above the table.

@TheSlowGrowth - yes, I agree completely! I use the back board of a large wood-framed photograph (about 60cm by 80cm) held up at the corners by four pillars of novels, as my work surface - this raises it above the table to about mid-chest level, so the PCB is about 20cm below the top of the magnifier without me having to bend over and get a sore neck and back. And forearms are supported by the rounded edges of the photo frame.

seems a bit too complicated for what it is. Cant go wrong with this:

It seems that an Italian police worked on similar idea with more DIY spirit and made desing files available

3D printed PCB Workstation Articulated

I bought some PCB jig similar to the one in the original post, but much less flexible. It’s also a bit small for many PCBs, even the WTPA2 didn’t fit.