PCB protective film removal (modding)

I’ve finally got all the parts to mod my Roland MC202. I have installed a CV input.
But to install a gate I have to solder direct to a track, but there seems to be a film over it to protect it. How do I remove it without damaging the track?

light sand papering

or just solder to a component on the track.

I tried to solder a wire straight to it but it wont take because of the covering.

Ta. Sandpaper worked! :slight_smile:

Actually no it hasnt D:

I cant get it to solder to the track.

If we’re talking about the same mod, you have to solder to a track which you also cut (all the rest is soldered to existing components and not directly to a track). It would not seem a major issue if you damage the track a bit more if it’s already cut. What I wouldn’t do is try to solder to IC8. Soldering SMD is fun enough, adding a wire should be just plain hilarious.

I havent cut it yet, as I thought It would be best to solder then cut later. I was trying not to go near IC8, as it is probably temperature sensitive. And also fiddly!

Can you recommend a temperature to set my iron to? I have it on 250C usually. May as well try. Then maybe hot glue the wire later to secure it.

turn it down. and get some flux.

How low?

low enough that the solder flows a bit gooier

I’m not sure I agree. My iron is on 340C and I like it that way. You want to solder, not broil. You’ll have a very small surface on which you want to create one single perfect solder joint. For that you need sufficient heat transfer.

Sorted it now. Lightly scraped with a stanley knife.