PCB files, logos, etc

I am having a few PCB boards made and I have a couple of questions. There are various versions in the github repo, not sure if I should choose the latest ones.

Shruthi-Digital-v08.brd for the control board (do I need a 0.7 version?).

Shruthi-Analog-SMR4-mkII-v02.brd for the SMR4 (do I need 12V-v03?).

Shruthi-Analog-PoleMixing-v02.brd for the 4-Pole Mission.

I’m starting to learn Eagle a little bit, so I think I can manage to add my own logos to the boards. Colors will also be different, so my crap won’t be mistaken for an “official” Shruthi. Is there a preferred form of attribution? I’m thinking something like “Design by mutable-instruments.net”.

I will be left with some extra boards, due to minimum quantities. Should I offer them for sale here or just keep them? I don’t want to take any business away from Olivier.

  • Mention that the boards are designs by Mutable Instruments.
  • Make your modified files public, with a cc-by-sa license (SA = share alike, whatever you use from me must be made public under the same license).
  • I’m sure you’ll figure out the versions yourself, it’s not that hard.

Truly a gentleman.

I went ahead and ordered an official 4PM pcb pair, because making my own looks like it might take a while.

I can’t believe how much time I’ve spent on exporting a bitmap from Inkscape and trying to import it in Eagle, and still no acceptable results. Anyone got some tips on converting an SVG to bitmap without anti-aliasing?

I hope I will be able to contribute something back to the Shruthi-1 project (besides a bitmap). Any beginner-friendly areas to explore? I know almost nothing about synths or audio.

I think that you better start with something you feel you need :slight_smile: