PCB connectors


I am looking for the connector socket which sits between the two PCBs. The legs of the sockets from Reichelt are a bit too short, so I get loose contacts sometimes. It’s really annoying.
The connectors that come with the Shruthi kits have much longer legs. Where can I find connectors like these for a good price?


They are a bit of a nuisance to source. Although oddly enough, I did notice them on Amazon recently. I think they are originally intended for stacking Arduino boards… So you can usually find them at places that sell Arduino kit.

But if you can’t find any easily, you can cheat… Take the one you have with the short legs, and solder on longer ones using offcuts from resistors etc… Looks a bit messy to begin with, but once fitted, you’d never know and it works just as well.


Found this:

And this:

A little expensive with the shipping… Maybe I can get something else too :slight_smile: I’ll look around some more.

YO flip,

just start a Bulk Order for your Area… ill take 10 :wink:

Contact me by email for a “spares/replacements” deal.

I assume pichenettes has a 20" Container stuffed with it…