Paths In The Woods

Was really pleased and surprised with the percussion on this which is Warps through Ripples, when I was listening back I had to go and check that I hadn’t patched up the other Rings instead.


Roland Sh-01a and Arturia Microbrute sequencers being played by a series of related asynchronous clocks from Pamela’s New Workout.

Drone via Rings in FM mode (flashing green) and rhythm part is Warps (wavefolding being modulated by Pam’s) and being played through Ripples VCA output opened by an envelope also from Pam’s.


I enjoyed this - thanks for sharing it with us!

Same here, thanks for sharing.

Thanks for taking the time to listen, glad you both enjoyed it.

Really enjoyed listening to this, I think I’ll listen to it a couple more times.
If I may ask: How exactly did you do the Warps part? I didn’t really understand that

The Warps part as I recall it was Warps (parasites in it’s cheby folding algo) with its internal sine wave going into Ripples. The algo parameter was being slowly swept through by a sine lfo from Pam’s to ripple the folding/harmonic content. An envelope from Pam’s (set to a euclidian pattern but with added random skips dialled in) is opening the VCA on Ripples.

There might have been another fixed sinewave from somewhere patched into Warps channel 2 but if there was it just dialled in ever so slightly for a wee bit more FM/metallic a texture.