Path To Novum Dimensiva ambient music album in 432hz


Path To Novum Dimensiva

Am new to the forum but have been using Mutable Instruments modules for a while now.

I offer a warm hello and wish to share with the community my lastest ambient album. It’s free to listen to as many times as you like. Enter coupon code “432hzx2” to get the whole album for a buck. I’d make a coupon for free download but they don’t’ let me. Feel free to share the coupon. It can be used as many times as you like and is good for the entire year of 2018.

This album relies on the Yarns module for midi/trigger control and heavily incorporates the Clouds module. I programed the Yarns to change the tuning scale/temperament used during the creation of all music on the album. The tuning used is the factor 9 tuning scale, as is explained in this article

Mostly I had the Yarns 4x poly mode feeding 4 VCOs. If memory serves, I mostly used the Clouds in spectral mode. Most, if not all the heavy pads and drones in the album were made running various material through the clouds module. Strings, chimes, bird calls, synths. I’m very impressed with how musical Clouds is. 9 out of 10 times what came out was instantly the foundation for a piece of music. I’d often use the freeze mode and apply a quad LFO to slowly vary ‘pos’, ‘dens’, ‘text’ and sometimes ‘size’. Although I used the pitch and blend in many positions, my favourite was leaving it fully wet and down minus one octave.

For an ambient lover, the clouds module is probably the best purchase I ever made. I’m very sad to see it discontinued but I have a little feeling, it might mean there’s something else in the works. Maybe if anyone has heard word, you could fill me in, if you feel like talking about it.

I hope you enjoy my album and would love feedback, good or bad, I welcome all kinds of critique. It will not offend me if you don’t like it. In fact I would welcome a detailed explanation of exactly what and why you didn’t like. A vacuum preserves music but open air, makes it grow.