Patching question : Delayed vibrato?

Hi all, I’m a glad owner of a Ambika with 4pole voices, with the excellent tijuana Kez + Yam firmware. i use it for different projects ( Noise math Rock, Midi and audio livelooping, sound design for short films)

For another project, I need to make Prophet type sounds, that kinf of brassy chords , with Enveloppe on filter , and lot of pitch bend actions… I succeed to get that type of sounds, as the 4pole filter does a good job , less growling than a Sequential Filter, but kind of pretty :slight_smile:

My point is getting one of the enveloppe patched to one of the LFO , to delay the LFO action on Oscillators. In the matrix, i try to combine on a modifier, LFO 4 with Enveloppe 1 (prod operation) and I kind of succeed but it’s also playing on the LFO speed, not on the LFO depth up… Is theres anyway to delay the Depth of a modulation ? I just can’t find that on the destinations in matrix.

LIke Key on --> env on filter > Sustained note > then progressive “envelopped” entry of a vibrato by one of the lfo’s ?

Other related question is about the "vibrato " destination in matrix : it seems that if you put it on mod wheel , the wheel act as a bender… Do i have to patch one lfo on the vibrato to make it oscilalte, then patch the wheel on vibrato also ? Because it looks the same as patching on the “LFO 1-2” destination…

Thanks a lot to all . I think i forgot a point that is very simple.

Are you sure of that? I don’t see why the LFO speed would be modulated.

The vibrato destination controls the fine pitch of oscillator 1 and 2. It’ll be a vibrato only if your source is an LFO.

If you just route the modwheel source to this destination, the modwheel will adjust the fine-pitch of oscillator 1 and 2.

What you seem to want to do is use the modulation wheel to control the intensity of another modulation. You can do that in two different ways:

  • Use modulation slot #14. The intensity of this modulation slot is always controlled by the modulation wheel. That’s why by default it’s used for vibrato (routing an LFO to the vibrato destination).
  • Use a modifier (multiply an LFO by the modulation wheel position, and use this modifier as a source).

Thanks a lot Pichenette.

Of course the slot 14 can achieve this !! I had forgotten it … thanks a lot !

For the Lfo 4 x Env 1 modifier , applied on osc1+2 pitch : it looks like it acts as a raising vibrato with lfo 4 speed that increase depending on the settings of env 1 … but not sure of what I ear :wink: interesting modulation anyway :wink:

Tx a lot for your help ! Cheers