Patchable standalone synths

I’ve been following the Kilpatrick Phenol with interest, I love the idea of having something patchable but self-contained. I also stumbled across the MFOS Soundlab Mini which looks like a great project, and seems to cover some of the same ground. Anyone built the MFOS? It would be a major step up from any DIY that I’ve done, and I’m wondering if the cost will work out roughly the same as a shiny new Phenol. The challenge of the DIY does appeal, even if that wiring looks like my idea of hell.

I’ve always wanted to build a Soundlab and still might someday, mostly because it’s a bit different. I have a Phenol and really like it, and I didn’t need to build it! It is also somewhat unusual but capable of some great sounds.

If you want to start a bit smaller, you could build a small Euro system around an Anushri. I did that too.

Ask @qp, he has build one.

Little clip of his synth over here:

How about Doepfer Dark Energy or go to DIY route Doepfer DIY Synth and if you would to make it easier; you can put a Xaoc Devices Karl Marx Stadt face on it

MS20 mini?

I’d like to avoid eurorack just because I don’t trust myself not to develop a major habit! And 2 oscillators would be nice. I had thought about the MS20 mini too- I particularly like the idea of patching external signals through and mixing them with oscillators, maybe this is the way to go while I build up the skills to tackle things like MFOS projects. I’m not in a hurry, plenty of unfinished projects on the table at the moment!

I can vouch for the Doepfer Dark Energy. I’ve had a Mk1 version for some years, and it’s a really versatile monosynth. Particularly given that it has just a single VCO.
DreadBox Erebus looks great too. 2 VCO’s and built in delay plus they are inexpensive. Check out the recent Sonicstate video review.
Arturia Microbrute also has a few patch points.
I’d be tempted by some variant of the MS20 myself, although they use a different voltage standard. So if you did want to patch it into some Eurorack or somesuch, then it’s a bit more of a phaff, as you need an additional module to help translate the voltage standards. if you have no intention of patching it up with any other gear tho, then it must still be worth a look.

I have a Minibrute, but I’m not really bothered about eurorack standards as no real plans to expand into it. Hence why I’m open to the idea of the banana jacks on the Phenol etc. I did see that Dreadbox Erebus video too- anything with a built in patchable delay gets an instant thumbs-up. I think the MS20 mini might scratch the itch, but I’m going to hold on until I’ve seen a Phenol in the flesh I reckon.

I really like the Werkstatt so far. It is a fantastic percussion synthesizer. I would definitely recommend it over the Dark Energy if you also have a MIDI/CV interface.

elthorno, not sure where you’re located but if it’s anywhere near southern Ontario, drop by my place to fool with the Phenol.

@piscione many thanks for the offer, but I’m in London, England- rather than London, Ontario!

If you happen to make a wrong turn somewhere and end up on the wrong side of the pond, the offer’s open.

Microbrute has a small amount of patching. Doh, just noticed reply above.

Dominion 1 has CV section, which could be used to patch things around a bit.

What about a PRO-2 ? If this baby is not patchable…what is it then ?

Patchable meaning overriding the connection or signal path? I don’t think that applies to the Pro 2.

Yeah the DSI Pro-2 is certainly not my definition of a patchable synth - for example you can’t take the raw oscillators out of the synth and process them with something else… or use an external audio rate source to FM the oscillators… It’s good at interfacing with other pieces of kit, but not really good for using patching as a way of creating sounds.

Go with the Phenol, it’s Mutable-Instruments approved (in the “oh god that’s clever I wished I had designed that” sense).

Also: MS-20 can accept V/Oct if you’re willing to sacrifice one VCO FM input.

I do not know if this does count as standalone
Eowave Orage Magnétique
and if Eowave ever released one ?

What about the Roland System 1m?

Roland 1m

Post Modular, which is apparently in the UK, will be selling the Phenol soon. Or at least able to order them.