Patch transfers?

I’ve had a shruthi for about a month now and i gotta say im absolutely in love with it… i learned how to get around in the shruthi quite well already but i am just a little confused about how the whole uploading and sharing patches works? I’m not sure how i would get something from my computer into the shruthi? Help is greatly appreciated you guys have been so great!

You need a program like SysEx librarian (best on OS X), or MIDI OX on Windows to read the patch dumps from the Shruthi, or send patches from the computer to the Shruthi.

Use Elektron C6 available here under APPLICATIONS at the bottom of the page. Connect your computer to your Shruthi via a USB to Midi interface. Once that is done, open C6 and click RECORD on the GUI. Once that is done, go to the patch on your Shruthi. Then, press the 6th button from the left AND the third button from the left to send your patch to C6. Finally, stop C6 from recording, and save your patch.
Oh, and don’t forget to upload it here.

Awesome thank u guys so much lookin forward to sharing