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yeah, thats it crc…I’m working on it.

Does anyone have a patch for the Yellow magic that uses audio in and just the delay effect?

@dude163 - do you want one where the sequence keeps the gate open, and all four knobs are assigned to the delay effect?

err, sure :slight_smile:

So all Id have to do is set it to run a latched sequence or arpeggiator to keep the gate activated and then tweak with the knobs? is that what you mean? if so then: yes

Sorry that took awhile. Here 'tis: a delay FX box preset for the YM Shruthi-1.

P1 = Delay Time, P2 = Delay Level, P3 = Feedback, P4 = FB EQ. You’ll need to open/close the gate with MIDI notes. Definitely a fun effect. Been playing with it all morning. I’ll make another one of these for the filter, which should work for several models

Wicked, thanks so much! now how do I get it onto the Shruthi, via MIDI?

to load patches on the shruthi navigate to an empty slot, load the syx or mid file in your host or in a tool like midi ox and just play back the file. If everything goes well you should see the patch name on the Shruthi’s display. Dont forget to save the patch or you’ll loose it when you move to another patch location or turn the Shruthi off.

Ok I’ll try that out. I think I used c6 sysex editor last time


Someone can help me finish Shruthi Guru Tool for Renoise? I have a problem: when I star this tool my shruti make a continous noise since I change patch. I’d like to add also c2,c3,c4 note on message, and note off, also bank change 1 2 3 4 and program change 0 127.

Remember ‘No Limits’ by 2 Unlimited ? Want that bass sound in your Shruthi ? Here it is !

It has been programmed on a SMR-4mkII.

Use the performance mode to tweak it !
P1 = cut off
P2 = reso
P3 = filter env depth
P4 = filter env decay time

JM I finally got around to using that patch, its perfect!

I ran a PVK sequence through it and next thing you know 45 minutes had passed, highly recommended! thanks


128 patches from TubeOhm’s Shruthi controller.
_TO_shruthi_bank.syx (26.3 KB)

dumb question, is there a way to choose which patch to upload from your bank, shcrab? instead of uploading the whole bank ? i use C6 to upload sysex.

@untoldlb yes :wink:

thank you :wink:

>> rumpelfilter
>> This one works best with portamento turned off. Creates a nice effect with lots of delay!
>> 01_darkBell.syx 51B

I believe this file is broken (51B instead of 195B). Could you please have a look?

A set of 3 lead patches called ‘New Drone’ :

'‘NewDrone1’ and ‘NewDrone2’ have been made to be played together on 2 Shruthis slightly detuned(*) and panned fully left and fully right to obtain a lush and wide 4-oscillator-2-filter-4-envelope sound.
(*) set the ‘Tun’ parameter in the ‘Master tune and MIDI settings’ menu to +2 on one Shruthi and to -2 on the other one)

‘NewDrone’ is to be played on a single Shruthi. It uses the sub oscillator for a 3-oscillator-1-filter-2-envelope patch which tries to be as close as possible to the NewDrone1/2 combi (unfortunately without the detune and the stereo width of the combi).

‘NewDrone2’ can also be played alone on a single Shruthi. It’s a tad ballsier than ‘NewDrone’ (that’s probably because the latter uses the suboscillator instead of a main oscillator ; the sub seems to sound weaker than a main square). ‘NewDrone1’ is a version of ‘NewDrone2’ pitched one octave higher with shorter envelopes.


To make these patches sound huge add a L,R ping-pong delay (left channel delay = 1500 ms, left channel feedback = 1500 ms, right channel delay = 750 ms, right channel feedback = 750 ms) and EQ +5dB 40Hz and +3dB3.6kHz.

These patches work best with ‘legato’ mode on and they are very velocity sensitive : the harder you play the higher the depth (!) of the filter envelope. You can reduce the velocity sensitivity by reducing the Amt of patchcord #7 in the modulation matrix ; you’ll have to increase the VCF cutoff to compensate.

See here for some patches converted to Ambika.

>>I believe this file is broken (51B instead of 195B). Could you please have a look?
When I click on the attachment it downloads allright. Which issue are you having?
Please note that the mobile version of this forum does not properly show the attachments.

@rumpelfilter I had to discard the patch above because I also could only download 51 bytes