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Classic Lead- Sound

legato: on
Portamento: 10

Brass Sound from the good old Prophet 8 :wink:

Generic EBM-like Bassline sound. Works nicely with sequences and arps.

slightly inspired from my Juno-60. Some fun “duo” pad stuff!

A bank of 128 patches I created.

Fine work funkyfli :slight_smile:

Many thanks.


great! thank you

Go here and scroll to the bottom. Click on applications and select to C6 sysex manager.

Then go here and scroll down towards the bottom and look for Updating the Shruthi-1 firmware by MIDI. It shows you how to set up C6. You do not, however, have to hold down S6. Just turn the shruthi on normally as you were going to play it. Then, when you have your MIDI ports set up, change the Shruthi to a “user” patch and hit the “send” button in C6 and select the sysex patch you want to send.

maybe that i’m a little bit stupid, but i didn’t find how to upload presets into the shruthi-1, and it it’s possible to upload them in user patch area?

Here are three 4PM patches I just created while sitting on my sunny balcony :wink:

WindSor - A duo mode pad with a windy finish ^^
lateN8 - some flute like sounds with some vibrato at the end
shorTy - short, powerful bass sound

They are “designed” for the 4PM shruthy because different filter types and responses where used that are only available in the 4PM filter

Hope you like 'em?


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A bank of Shruthi patches I created for the Polivoks filter. The zip contains buffer patches and the .syx bank is from my ShruthiFi program but it should also load into patches 129-256 (bank 2) if sent directly (back up your Shruthi just in case).

Been trying to find out how to load a whole bank into a Shruthi, I can see in the how to dump everything and can load individual patches.


If you mean my banks… The way I load them was with my ‘ShruthiFi’ program. Unfortunately, It’s Windows only. It’s saved on the forum somewhere. Otherwise, you need to load the .mid file into a sequencer and play (at a slow enough rate) or load the .syx file and dump (at a slow enough rate). They work by loading a patch in the buffer and then saving that patch to a location in Bank 2 (129 - 256).

Thanks Funkyfli, yes I meant your banks. I was hoping to check out your polivox bank, I’ll have another crack later today.

Somehow I seem to have filled up 129-256 with a load of patches all called “PlastiQ”!

That could be an issue with the .syx file… try a .mid file

Thanks, worked a treat. great work with the Polivox bank.

:slight_smile: Be sure to keep it on a leash.

wow, there’s some great stuff here guys. Thanks all for the sharing and especially @qp for the guide.

Does someone has a chance to make a pro one bass sound like ? I mean this kind of percussion bass sound with a really really shord attack, typical sound of Pro one. I ve heard really close to pro one sounds on Shruthi’s demos on the net, but not in the presets of the Shruthi…I just got my shruthi so I still have to dig into it to create my own sound…but it will follow… Thanx

fabricelig, any examples of that sound you are looking for?
shouldn’t be that hard using the basic saw/pwm waveforms, some sub osc if needed and a really quick envelope setting.