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That’s a nice idea @rumpelfilter modular would be especially interesting.

@rumpelfilter I support your different threads idea. This thread is getting confusing.

yep, the problem is I can’t do it, only Pichenettes can. But I’ll talk to him about it.

Can we use this thread as a help on designing presets? What modulation i need to make this theremin / crying synth ?

@tapehead: It might have been better to start a “How to Make This Sound With a Shruthi?” thread. However, that is a simple sound, so I will explain it anyway.

First, you need to set your amp envelope up to have a soft attack, no decay, 100% sustain, and a medium to long release time.

Second, you need to route a triangle wave LFO to the oscillator pitch via the mod matrix. You can route it to osc1, osc2, osc2 fine pitch, or both osc1 and osc2. You should route the LFO to both osc1 and osc2. Even if you only use just one oscillator.

Third, turn on the portamento/legato so that you get the smooth theremin sweeps.

That is pretty much all of the modulation you need.

To get the “theremin” sound, you will have to play around with the oscillator options. You have several options, and this is where you can really change the sound. You can either start with a harmonically rich waveform and filter it down and add some resonance to get a nice texture, or you can start with a waveform with very few harmonics and not filter it at all.

A good waveform to test both methods out with would be the zTri Oscillator. You can start with just the regular triangle waveform then move the “PWM” parameter to get more harmonics.

If you want to get the sound 100% like in that recording, you will need to add a touch of delay on the output.

I hope this helped you get the effect you were looking for. :slight_smile:

Could someone please tell me if this works or not?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Adam,

Just downloaded it and it appears to be 270 bytes, whereas all my other Shruthi presets are 195 bytes.

So, no it doesn’t work for me :frowning:


@yewtreemagic: What is your firmware? I get 270b with 1.02 installed. 195b was .97 for me.

Sorry it doesn’t work yewtreemagic :frowning:

Here a three more presets…they are made specifically for rhythm sections, and work well with glitchy beats.

I hope these work Martin, or anyone else who try’s them!

@Adam: The patch hopesr loads, but the screen says “moor^Ysr”. Is this correct?

moorx1 is some kind of glassy nosy glitch sequency patch, right?

moorx2 is a glassy bilppy sequence, is this true?

moorx3 is a glassy nosy sequence with filter modulation, correct?

If so, then yeah, they work with the latest Shruthi Firmware. :slight_smile:
Again, as you have a Polivox filter be sure to list what unique filter characteristics are used in the patches so that the end user can compensate for their filter. :slight_smile:

I did this testing with my “Basket Case” 4PM Shruthi with 1.02 firmware.

Yes to moor^ysr and yes the patches are supposed to be glitchy :slight_smile:

Excellent news, I am glad they worked for you…I made the patches with other Shruthi users in mind, so I did not use any of the settings in the second filter section of the Polivoks.

Thank you for helping get this to work audiohoarder :slight_smile:

Here we go, the strange Ghost in the machine patch :slight_smile:

Does someone have original 16 presets ? And maybe the rest of original presets ? I replaced mine with tubeohm stuff but i did not back up :slight_smile:

Info on flashing the presets is here:

I realize that I’m very late to the party, but as I’ve just purchased a 4PM XT I’m curious if there is still some kind of patch sharing community for Shruthis somewhere online?


It seems that all the patches collected here over the years have vanished.
At least I cannot see the attachments to the postings, only external links.

Anyone ?

I created a topic on this forum a long time ago with a single .zip file with all the patches extracted from the migration. I can’t seem to find this topic – meanwhile, I have found that the content of this file is available here:

Found the Thread:

Merci Émilie!

I’m the “author” of the github page. If any one wants to upload patches, ping me and let me know :slight_smile:

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