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The infmaous swarm-like sound.

little Wurlitzer action. Some “tremolo” too. Works best with 2 or more shruthi’s!

Very BoC or 70s BBC documentary -like (could it be the same thing?)

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Yet another voice sound.

This one works best with portamento turned off. Creates a nice effect with lots of delay!

A dirty bass sound

some kind of funky bass

this one is intended to be used with an arpeggiator and portamento turned on (value around 16), by holding a low note and a couple of higher ones. Play around with arpeggiator patterns for nice rhytmic textures!

simple chiptuneish sound.

a pad-string kind of sound inspired by the fantasy sound on the VL Tone

theremin-like sound, works best with a delay like the Arcdev ET-301 (gives it that vintage sound) and portamento turned on

weird kind of sound. If you keep a note pressed it’s more kind of a retro-space-effect kind of sound… but the attack sounds almost like a human voice.

use with arpeggiator and range set to 2 or higher and portamento turned off. Works best with some delay added

does what the name suggest… it rumbles, works best on the low register. Might sound different if you don’t have a dual SVF filter.

The thick kind with a firm crust on top, little jiggly inside.

The “Luetin” sound from my demo video, inspired by the Underworld track of the very same name (try C2 C2 G2# G2# C2 C2 G1# G1#).

A hoovereque super-saw bass/lead sound with velocity to filter control.

A bass sound with a bit of filter wobble, totally sounds like Doctor Who to me (try playing the lead bass of the theme). This was in the demo video, too.

Theremin-style sound, use aftertouch for pitch control.

Stringish and airy.