Patch request

I was wondering/hoping … I could get some assistance.
I am trying to program a patch… For a song called Apologize-One Republic
I am trying to create a patch to drone like Bass Cello
My time with the Shruthi has not given me the skills yet to design the patch myself…I can’t seem to get what I’m looking for,
Just hoping someone is more skilled and would not mind helping

Addendum, I play bass , with a bass to midi convertor, so the patch would need long release…to track on my bass notes.

ok I’m not the best sound designer, but if you want I can help you a bit, tell me what your problems are.

Just cant seem to get the “sound” I am looking for…the envelope is ok…but for the life of me I can;t get the bass cello sound.
I just don’t have enough experience do sound design…
Managed to create lots of new and amazing sounds trying though :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ll try to give you my two cents on this. First of all it’s quite hard to emulate a string sound with a synth, the timbre you find in those sounds is quite hard to recreate with subtractive synthesis. I have a couple of ideas I could try out, but before I try: do you have something I can listen to as a reference? Some song that contains the sound you are after?

shruthi has an excellent strings wavetable called ‘bowed’ - which is in fact based on cello samples afaik. have you tried how that one works for what you’re looking for?

A cello amplifies its sound using the wooden body of the instrument. With a synth you will get an electronic cello sound (one where it uses pickups under the strings) rather than an acoustic one.

try and see if this is kind of in the right direction. Not that it sounds like a cello, but it sounds like a drone :slight_smile:
Try adding some chorus to it also

Thank you very much,
I will give it a try tonite!

don’t mention it. It’s not really much of a patch, but maybe it can be a starting point. What I did is set the VCA envelope to 0 in the matrix, then set the oscillators to Cello and Bowed, modulate the parameter with LFOs and modulate also the detune a bit. Tha’s basically it.
Oh yeah and filter is almost totally open.
You can try to play around with it some more and see what comes out.
Doesn’t really sound like a Cello though, I guess you’d have to use a sample library if you want to get any closer.