Patch morpher ipad app

just found this on matrix synth. looks like a handy little tool to morph between (and manage and edit) patches via midi. according to the manual it even comes with built-in shruthi support!

That looks intriguing…


Wow, glad I finally looked at this!

What an app!

Gives me a reason to replace my lost camera connection kit.

Anyone else given this a whirl?
There’s an in-app purchase of £2.99 to ‘unlock’ the full Shruthi capabilities. The editor is worth that alone- I’m finding it more intuitive than TouchOSC (although it doesn’t look quite as TRON-like). No control over the Shruthi’s internal sequencer, but you can set up all the mod destinations really quickly. One cool thing not shown in the demo video is the ability to ‘throw’ the puck- it’ll bounce around the screen and animate between patches. Bonkers!

@elthorno Wow, that does sound cool! Have you found the Shruthi-1 choking on all those MIDI CCs?


@toneburst - no choking so far. I had some teething problems but found out it was because my Shruthi was set to midi thru.

@elthorno that’s great, I’m impressed! I’ll have to give it a go! This might be an iPad music app I actually use…


@toneburst: I hear that. Got a whole graveyard of unused synths on my ipad…

I sadly found out that Patch Morpher needs at least iOS 6 just AFTER I downloaded it. Since I still use the ancient iPad, I’m stuck at 5.1 :frowning:

Regarding those unused iPad synths get an iConnectMidi2+. It’s the best thing to have if you finally want to use those. It sends MIDI and Audio both ways so your iPad turns into a kind of a plug-in. Plus it still works with iPad 1 and iOS5 …

hmm installed it and deleted it shortly after… I guess I’m just fed up of apps…

Actually this app is fantastic. My shuruthi is making some truly wild sounds now which keep evolving.