Patch Memory for Waldorf Rocket

Someone (synthboy) developed a nice DIY add-on for the Waldorf Rocket: Patch Memory for Waldorf Rocket!
Unfortunately I can’t speak/read swedish, but it looks very promising.

Yup, saw it earlier but I didn’t want to boast about the weird stuff that gets made here under the northern lights.

Translating the outline of his post, here’s the skinny:

Basically he’s saying it’s been his fall project, now being close to done.

Compact double-sided PCB
Easy connection using 4 or 5 wires
50 writeable patches
48 non-writeable presets
Show filter mode briefly after loading a patch
Show parameter values in realtime
He says that he’ll make an initial public batch of 10PCBs for SEK 499 (~78USD, 56.50€), however, I’m not sure he’s got any dox in English, but I could get some card and forward it plus help the dude with some quick translation, or at least language checking if needed.

Thanks Jojjelito for your english summary. I think, I will buy one…

Hello cj55 and thanks for the interest of my little project.
I will provide an English manual.
I haven’t been able to collect patches for the non-writable presets so this first revision will just have 50 empty and writable patch/memory locations. That is actually plenty enough but that is also the main reason why the sell of the initial public batch is delayed.
If you are interested please send me your email.

Jojjelito: Does Stockholm have northern lights? :wink:

Hello synthboy, thanks for signing up here!
I sent you a PM!

Hi Synthboy: no northern lights in Stockholm usually :wink: We got light pollution like crazy so you hafta leave town for Dalarna or some such. I blame poetic license…

I have some units of the patch memoryexpansion out now for 50EUR/65USD incl (non-trackable) air mail shipping.
Read the manual before deciding and PM me if there is some interest or more questions.


I am interested in your project

Sent you a PM.