Patch library

Following the transition to Discourse, all the Shruthi and Ambika patches from the former Patch sharing area have been compiled in this zip file. (367.5 KB)


Great! Thanks plus 20 characters!

Can we disable the stupid 20 characters thing?


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Just found this.

Many thanks!


I took the files in the Zip. and added them in the repo below, feel free to submit new ones below.

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thanks a lot for this!
I was thinking that it might make sense to define a common naming scheme for patches that includes the version (in case of multiple revisions) and more importantly the filter they were designed on and for.

Maybe it can be as simple as doing:


for example 4PM_coolsound_001.syx
or SVF_anothercoolsound_002.syx

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sure! thats a great idea. Submit a pull request when you are ready. :slight_smile:

Ok, then I only need to figure out which patches where made for which filter :slight_smile: that was some time ago…

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