Patch 'comparison' demo video?

Hi! I’ve successfully assembled my Anushri and have been enjoying playing with it for the last few days. I’ve ignored whatever might be wrong with the assembly - I’m getting drums, and a voice, and sequencing is working, and so on. Great!

Only thing is, I’m not entirely sure everything is working - so I was wondering if there was a demo video that shows you what your hardware should sound like after assembly - not a ‘demo’ as in ‘jam’ video - but a ‘lets walk through the features and make sure everything works’ kind of demo … if there isn’t one yet, anyone want to do one? It’d be very useful … I begin to wonder if my Anushri is performing as intended.

if u want we can link together via skype and explore the synth :slight_smile:

Can you do this in a Google+ hangouts by this way more people can follow up ?

Thats a cool idea, how do we set this up in Google+?

what is google+ … no for me i prefere a session only with 2 or 3 people otherwise its to painfull i guess
so if u want u can contact me via skype … feel free to send pm if u want

Hi @widy75

Google hangouts is up to 10 people and you can set as invite only.

Here is the answer for what is google hangout?
This is how you can schedule one?

Skype is good but group videocall is premium service.

The hangout feature is actually really cool. Adafruit does one weekly