Patch cables


cut in half female-to-female coupler, disassembled it, soldered plug ring contact to inside of the tube, tip contact to tip contacks of the socket, put all parts back, than solder cable and add 2-3 layers of heatshrink tube.


Yes, the quality is bad, female-to-male cables has much better plugs. Next time I’ll use them.


@schrab: your stackables are looking way better than my try on it. Nice idea! I also like your colorful cables. Theres an outdoor/sports-store not far from where I work so I will definitely have a look around there. I always thought those ropes where much thicker? But looks like there are thin ones too. Thanks for that hint!


Once again, @schrab should be awarded the Planetary Modular Synthesis Upcycling and Re-use Award!


@janniz the best is 5-6 mm diameter (blue-grren). 7 mm (red-white) is quite thick and 4 mm (grey-orange) is hard to put cable into.



That’s cool.


It’s happening! The bag is an awesome touch!


Now i want them…


@pichenettes Nice! What are the lengths?



20cm for black, 40cm for pink and turquoise, 80cm for grey.


Perfect lenghts and perfect colours! Will buy them as soon as possible!


When? How much? Did i say when?


Price: around 59€ with VAT, 49€ without. I’ll ship some to dealers this week and once all dealers have made their pick, whatever’s left will be on the shop.


49 eur for a 20 pack, correct?


Ooo, I’ll have to get some of those! Very nice.


Yes, little bag of 20 cables.


Wow! Fantastic deal for the quality! :slight_smile:
Not to mention the bag.


looks like a bag of win to me.


MI never fails to deliver a top notch product - even for something as simple as patch cables! Looking forward to these.