Patch cables

Where does everyone get their patch cables?
I have some of the colored doepfer ones but they are very stiff PVC type cables and i don’t like them very much.
Does anybody know a place to get more rubbery cables for not to bad a price? and musicstore have nice 25pcs bulk offers for døpfers - else if you dont want to pay 5€ + per cable… diy!

Someone had a link on here a while ago…I think they were fairly cheap.

Diy, half cheapish Chinese plugs and half expensiveish Rean jacks - The Rean ones look really nice, but cost more than double of what the Chinese ones cost, and there is no real difference in terms of connection quality…

I find them all a bit pricey. I got some black ones for about a £1 each on ebay. They’ll do until I get some decent stacking ones.

My local synth shop has a 5 pack for $5. Stacking ones are $9 each though :frowning:

Ad Infinitum cables are fairly cheap. Don’t know if they ship overseas, but I love the cables from erthenvar. Got a bunch of the pink and purple.

a 5 pack for $5 is cheap! … At musicstore and thoman they don’t have the packs anymore but they have ‘staffelkorting’ … but then you have to buy 25 of the same color.
I guess i’ll get some more doepers…

There are lot’s of nice options in the US like the Ad infinitum… somebody should really start a Modular shop in the Netherlands. Almost tempted to start one myself but i don’t know if i could be a shopkeeper.

Deep surplus

$0.60 for 2 or 6 ft

As qp said, Ad-Infinitum cables are reasonably cheap even with shipping to the UK from the US.
(They do ship overseas, and very quickly too)
I started out with doepfer cables, but got rid of most of them and now use all Ad-Infinitum ones. (About 100 of them, and not a single failure or dodgy one)
They’re thicker and rubberier(!), generally the kinks in them will smooth out within a couple of weeks.

Amazon, quantity ten, two foot 3.5mm, mono to mono gold plated connectors, black for $3.68 with free shipping, seller is Bargain Cable
they have other lengths available

I order some from the Ad Infinitum shop too. Will check them out they actually have very good prices and shipping isn’t to expensive either.

I just did the same. Still trying to decide if I should try the stackcables or the Intellijel hub thingy.

Stackables are nice quality, but so damn exspensive. I recieved a few as a bonus with a used HEK I bought at Muff’s. I really like them. But I have so many mults and standard cables now I don’t even need them.

@deadmonkey Do you have a link to that amazon deal? I don’t see the ten pack.

The stackables are great quality and worth the price. I buy one or two when I can. I dont need a ton, so I keep about 3 of each size when needed.

i use the dayglo cables i bought from Thonk. they’re about the same as the erthenvar, just glowing

I like the Tiptop Audio stackables too - lovely quality and a positive feel (so to speak).

I also bought some Doepfer A-100C50A 3.5mm MiniJack Angled Eurorack Patch Cable - Orange (50cm) at the same time, and still haven’t managed to get the kinks out of this thinner cable, whereas the stackables look smooth and professional (just like me )


^ that’s what I like about the cables from erthenvar. No kinks, like the Ad Infinitum. Kinky bastards.

@altitude tip for Deep Surplus is most of what I use. Can’t beat the price, no issues for me but they only come in black.