Patch 46, ahhparis no sound

I recently built my Shruthi-1 with the SSM2044 filter board. It seems to work well except patch 46, “ahhparis” make no sound or very faint sound. Does anyone know what this can indicate? Maybe I did not tune the filter board properly or worse I have a defective component.

Can someone record what it sounds like and put it on SoundCloud. Ideally I’d like to hear it with the same filter board.


Don’t worry this will happen with different patches depending on which filter board your using and your global settings. Try turning up the octave setting. That patch in particular sounds like an accordion if I recall. Lots of people have noticed the same thing with the electro piano patch. Some of the patches were created on/for different filter boards so they won’t sound the same when played through a different board. Some tweaks need to be made. So don’t worry there’s a huge chance nothing is wrong with any components or even the tuning.