Passive mixer for 2 part Ambika

I have the idea to make a passive mixer to split the Ambika in 2 mono outputs.
I wan’t to make something like this down here but then all build into a cable. 3 jacks to 1 jack.

My question is if there is some kind of resistor value that best matches the output of the Ambika’s individual outs.

There’s already a 470R resistor on the individual outs so you don’t even need the resistors there.

great! Thanks

i had also thought of having 6 simple summing mixer circuits to use each out as “bus” system. (since in the manual it seems that its not reccommended to do passive mixing) so all lines can be used as mix groups or single outs. so example would be : voices 1-2-3 all go out individual 1 and then 4-5 go out 2 and 6 is out the mains or any one of the remaining outs. i may try that and forgoe the pretty signal flow diagram on my case for a 6, 6 way selector switches.

Where do you read that it’s not recommended to do passive mixing?