Parts unavailable

Hi all,

Just putting together a wish list at Farnell and noticed some components needed for the 4 pole mission are no longer available>>

Part No. 1563186 ITEM

Part No. 9755934 ITEM

Are these available elsewhere?

Isn’t there a radio shop or similar around your corner ? This stuff is pretty basic, so nearly every electronic supply shop should have it available…

We do have a Maplins which sell electronic components, will have a look on their web-site :slight_smile:

Its just a resistor and a TL074? Should be easy enough to find really. And yes, even Maplins might have them! Although they have a far better range available online than they do in the highstreet shops.
Be careful with Farnell too… Last time I used them, other ordinary parts like the majority of capacitors were a “Special Order” item. If I remember rightly, that meant a £10 surcharge, or thereabouts.
And I hope you like packaging! You’ll get a ton of it from Farnell.

You might find this company worth bookmarking too:
They are really useful when you need a small selection of common components.

Thanks Luap :slight_smile:

As Luap says, look out for US Stock items at Farnell, there’s a large delivery charge added. Ceramic caps are often US Stock, so if your BOM has a lot of these, and you want to get everything from the same supplier, you’re often best going to Mouser instead.

Rapid Electronics have a good selection of UK-stock capacitors, though, and you may be able to find everything you need there. Of course, you’ll need to look up all the individual items.

Welcome to the world of self-sourcing…


Incidentally, I’d be quite surprised if one of these TL074 ICs wouldn’t also do the job.


Octopart is your friend.