Parts sourcing... two qustions

Euro modules:

I think the Makenoise Maths, the Rene, and the Piston Honda and Hertz Donuts are must haves… Beyond that you could have a field day with almost any conceivable module there ever was, they’re all available in the Euro format :slight_smile:

A Piston Honda is not the Oscillator you are looking for (Imagine additional JediGesture™ here)

:stuck_out_tongue: worth a try

I dunno the honda was once pretty cool , but there are lots out there of interest like that these days

I also like the fact that the Make Noise DPO has a certain likeness, or is ahem, somewhat inspired by the Buchla 259…

Well, there’s tons of stuff - all kinds of bizarro gear to test. It’s getting more and more outlandish with time.