Parts list

This list is still valid ?;AWKID=567248;PROVID=2084

Yes it is.

Normal, this LED REF 0603-360 RT CMS ?

Ok thank you

No, not normal. Paranormal!


Can I get a Digikey part number for blue paranormal LEDs please?

Such a shame the digital board has to cover that up!

It must be a 0603 LED. In blue, for example: 475-2815-1-ND. I have never bought this part and have no idea if it will work!

This morning I received my package from Reichelt. I ask myself a question. This list should include all components, but for example, I have only two resistor 220. This list is only for the filter card ?

The white LEDs need a Higher R, i think they are Substituted with the 1K (the BOM for the 4PM Filter only states 3 of these, the Reichelt BOM says 11…)

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Thank you, but what I meant is that on the motherboard I also need 10 of 220 resistance. So the list above represents only the filter pole Mission parts ? or the two boards ?

You need 220 x 8 for the LEDs if using normal red or green. 1K if using white LEDs.

But even with 1K the white LEDs can be a little bright.

I have been slow to understand, sorry.
The 8 led are white, therefore i replace the 8 x 220 by the 8 x 1K on the motherboard.
Thank you

Should i put another value, you think, or the the bright is good ?

BTW Use 10K for the Blue ones for the Front Panel…

Just try :wink:
Honestly, solder some Rs to a LED (or use those wires with the Crocodile Clamps :wink: and test…

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this works only if you have extra leds and/or resisters in stock and not just ordered only the parts from a bom.
1 more post, alreasy said resister.

Always get some extras, they cover for soldering the wrong parts, mistakes and adjusting LED brightness to suit. Resistors cost almost nothing.

Too bad I thought I could do with a hundred of the 220R a few times now. Then I discovered I actually needed about 250 for various projects. Only 50 left for experimentation and unknowns…