Parts (ahem) sourcing

I am trying to source this - which for some reason has been discontinued in the shops here (but I can easily find all other varieties…)

If you have a source nearby, let’s talk :slight_smile: Preferably in the EU to cut shipping costs. Can trade with anything valuable I have in stock (ICs, boards, pots).

You must be seriously addicted… or you are becoming a father.

hmm never seen before , however researching their distribution page throws up an oddity for the UK : Selfridges and ASDA … quite a different demographic.
I have literally just been to ASDA, I shall have a look for…

see it for the first time. apparently REWE & EDEKA should have them in stock. Will check tomorrow…

Might be able to get them in Canada, definately in Buffalo, which my wife goes to all the time. Let me know if you don’t find them in the EU.

If REWE has them all of Oliviers Problems are solved.

Thanks! Girlfriend is addicted to these - I’m personally perplexed at the thought of mixing chocolate and berries (probably artificial) flavors…

Asda are in denial … not on their shop search engine …
I shall ask

never seen those.

I take it you’re no fan of some of the Poulain 1848 varieties then… Some of those are nice to nibble. Valrhona Manjari Orange… Le drool! Tonite’s varieties are Michel Cluziel - Vila Gracinda and Los Anconès.

There’s some shops around here I can take a peek at. Meanwhile, Frenchify your lady into a macaron-eating monster :smiley:

checked in REWE & EDEKA. no luck so far.

Checked a few very well-stocked places, but no luck :frowning:

Couldn’t locate this flavour, yet. But i’ll keep on looking…