Feature request! This one should be easy… A panic NRPN that would clear the note stack. I get stuck notes frequently with some of the stuff I’ve been doing…


This one seems easy…

Would you prefer instead a special operation (long press?) to access this too?

Long press would be cool. How about three buttons at once?

Or when you put your tongue across R1-R4!

I think actually a long press would be good as well, but I’m sure I’ll be mostly using my Shruti under MIDI control. If there’s a place to upload/host stuff, by the way, I’d be happy to provide my BCR-2000 patch…

yes access without requirement of NRPN capable sequencer would be fine!

@smrl: Have you tried the following control changes?
bx 78 00 (all sounds off - cuts the envelopes and everything)
bx 7b 00 (all notes off - you’ll hear the “tail” of the envelope on this one)

(Where x is the channel number)

I’ve checked it again, the Shruti-1 responds correctly to All Notes Off and All Sound Off messages

Nice! Thanks, you mention in the manual that the shruti responds to

“a bunch of specific control changes (portamento time, release, attack, brightness/harmonic intensity which are mapped to cutoff and resonance)”

but there’s no mention of that anywhere… I don’t think. That’s super though, a perfect fix!

Got probs with nrpn too with M4L… will write a post on it.